Sonntag, 9. August 2009

Die Elbenreifen Carimas - The Head-Circlets of the Elves of Carima

Caessa, eine Nachtelbe auf Carima, einer Deutschen Mittelalter Rollenspiel-Sim in SL, stellte mir vor einiger Zeit die Frage, wie ich mir die Elbenkrone Carimas vorstellen würde. Da auf Carima drei Elbenvölker nebeneinander in Freundschaft leben, wovon die Lichtelben (Tolkien angelehnt) und die Waldelben (aus Das Schwarze Auge) Sweetgwendolin als ihre Königin verehren, während die Nachtelben (stammend aus WoW) diese eher als gute Freundin ansehen, eine interessante Frage. Mir kam die Idee, dass man Elemente aller drei Elbenrassen miteinander verbinden müsste. Das führte wiederum zu der Frage, wie typische Kopfreifen der einzelnen Rassen aussehen könnten. Eine Antwort - die Möglichkeiten der Gestaltung sind schier unendlich! - habe ich in Prims festgehalten:

Die Elbenreifen Carimas

Die Waldelben

Ihnen sind zwei Reifen gewidmet: Ein Kranz aus Holz, Gräsern und Blüten, ein anderer aus Holz, Gräsern und Gestein, strenger in der Gestaltung. Beide stehen für die Naturverbundenheit der Waldelben, der Blütenkranz für ihre Freude am Leben, der strengere erinnert ebenso an ihre entschlossene Verteidigung des Waldes und ihres Volkes.

Die Lichtelben

Wiederum zwei Reifen: Ein Kristall-Reif mit Sternen und Perlenketten, an denen Kristallsplitter hängen, ein schlichterer Reif ähnlicher Gestaltung, aber schlanker, mit rot-violetten edlen Steinen besetzt. Der bläulich-violette Kristall schimmert aus sich selbst heraus wie die Lichtelben selbst. Beide Reifen erinnern in ihrer symmetrisch-klaren Formgebung die Kunst der Lichtelben, symbolisieren altes Wissen zurückreichend bis zu den Erstgeborenen. Ist der erste Reif schmuckvoller und drückt mit seinen Perlenschnüren die Verbindungen verschiedener Elemente aus, ist der zweite Reif kriegerischer, symbolisiert durch klingenartige Strahlen und an Alte Magie erinnernde edle Steine.

Die Nachtelben

Mehrere Reifen stehen hier zur Auswahl, die Individualität der Nachtelben unterstreichend. Die meisten Reifen tragen mit dem Mondzyklus das Zeichen der Göttin Elune und drücken durch die unterschiedlichen Materialien der Reifen vor allem unterschiedliche Stimmungen aus, aber einer ist dem Cenarius und dem smaragfarbenen Traum der Druiden gewidmet und mit Hörner verziert.

gez. Mederia Seerose, waldelbische Geschmeideschmiedin Carimas

Caessa, a nightelf of Carima, a German medieval role-playing sim in SL, asked me some time ago, how the crone of the elves of Carima could look. Not an easy question, because there are three races living there: the Lightelves (inspired of Tolkien), the Woodelves (from the German The Dark Eye), who think of Sweetgwendolin as her queen, and the Nightelves (from WoW). But an interesting question! I had the idea, that a crown should be a combination of elements of all this races. And now followed the question, how the head-circlets of each race could look. One answer – the possibility of creations are endless! – here in prims:

The Head-Circlets of the Elves of Carima

The Woodelves

I made two circlets for them: One out of wood, grass and flowers, one out of wood, grass and stone, with a more austere look. Both show the connection to nature, the flower-circlet also their joy, the more austere one reminds of the elves defence of wood and elves.

The Lightelves

They got two circlets also: One crystal circlet with stars and strings of pearls with hanging fragments, a more austere one, more slender, with read-violet gems. The blue-violet crystal shines like the elves themselves. Both circlets remind with their symmetrical-clear shapes of the art of the Lightelves, symbolizing old knowledge overcoming from the Firstborns. The first circlet is more decorative and speaks with its strings of pearls of the connection between things, so the second one reminds with sharp edges on elves-weapons and with precious gems on the Old Magic.

The Nightelves

There are seven circlets, for the individuality of the Nightelves. Most of the circlets show the moon-cycle as sign of the goddess Elune and remind with their different materials different moods, one reminds with little horns of Cenarius and the Emerald Dream of his druids.

Mederia Seerose, woodelfish jewellery-maker of Carima

Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

From Newbie to Youngelf - The Translation

(This is the promised translation of the German guest-blog from the 14th of June 2009, see the link of the last blog-entry – there are some pictures also!)

Oh, I didn’t make this title. That was Carina Raymaker, who asked me to write a guest-article for their blog. I like writing, also in chat and IM – yes, sometimes too much! – so I said, I would try. I never wrote a blog before… so be patient please!

May I introduce myself: Mederia Seerose, the first time in SL at the first of May 2009. I didn’t want to stay long! I read an article from a writer – a total newbie in all online games, platforms or such things – telling her first steps in SL. She wanted to look for advertisement for her work. What she found was the possibility to learn and to discuss with colleges. She was very astonished to find a very different SL than she suspected. My picture of SL had for sure some worse prejudices as hers…

Ok, there I was. Because I didn’t like all the “normal” avatars and I had played a long time online-role-playing-games I stand there as “gamer-girl”. The other avatars around me looked all very different… And what are you doing first in an online-role-playing-game? You are working at your character to get an individual look. I don’t know it exactly anymore, but I guess, I stood two days in appearance-mode (ah, yes, I use an English viewer-version – I am used to that) and changed body and clothes and hair. At the end I was a waddling, female, longhaired something in sneakers, pink blouse and blue skirt. Good that I hadn’t found the screenshot-option then!

In between I waddled over the arrival-isle (nobody could tell me till now, why this walking-animation for women are so horrible…) and I read one station after the other. I learned to fly! And I could get rid from this strange attachments of the gamer-girl at least. Weird stuff… I guess, a lot of newbies are teleporting very fast to one of the interesting landmarks advertised on the boards on the. I was too much a coward to do so! Where is the manual please?!?! Then I found a teaching-board about building. Ohhhhh! Well, I told me, THAT is interesting. I took a simple chair out of my newbie-inventory, sat down and read page after page. It last some time, I think, there are three boards of building there. But I was fascinated!

Then the question: Where now? The writer stayed in German-speaking-sims, told a little bit about Berlin and starter-areas, where newbies could get patient help - without she would have been very lost. Ok, so I looked at the landmarks for something like that. THANK YOU German mentors team, that you introduced yourself there! German newbie-help with sandbox. I had no idea what a sandbox in SL should be, but there was a remark of the technical college of Cologne and this is not so far away from me, so I chose this landmark.

Hm… in front of me a signpost and a glowing ball, behind me a sculpture of a big sandbox, signs with “No Sex, No Advertisement, No Weapons”, all on a wide sheet of sand, in the distance some deck-chairs at a coast and on a hill some buildings out of a lot of glas. I wasn’t able to read the signpost because somebody was talking to me almost immediately in German: “Hello, Mederia. Can we help you?” It’s a pity that I don’t know anymore, who of the mentors it was – yes, you know historical moments only afterwards! –, but from there I was glued to them. ;-) There own fault!

To describe in detail, what I all heard, learned, asked, talked, looked, build, danced… over the next weeks how and when on Pixelpark of the German mentors is impossible. First I walked through the teaching-exhibition in one of the glass-buildings on the hill, then I followed the learn-path on the field, walked through the Newbie-village with all the freebies and learned a lot, took 1000 freebies and/or example-stuff and for sure 100 notecards with a lot more landmarks – I even read them! I drove my first SL-car (I drive a lot better in RL…), took part in my first treasure-hunt (I found all bears on the estate! Yes!) and danced at the first “Disco”. Thanks, Joran, for the great 80s party!

I got rid of my waddle-walk at the first day also. Carina gave me a free AO and I am happy with that till now! (Ok, at the time of this translation Mederia is wearing a well made and payable Lady-AO.)

And my skin is looking a lot more real and healthier now, isn’t it?

That there are skins I learned there. Also that a lot of the better looking clothes are made out of special textures and/or prims.

To make myself a little bit nicer – clothes, dances, hairs – I looked for some freebie-malls and took every time all the freebie-textures with me. You never know…

In fact nobody needs more than the four sims of the German mentors to fill your time. But: I wanted to see a little bit more of SL still…

There helped so nice things like the question where this tiny fairy was coming from that was flying around an avatar. Prompt I had a landmark, looked around there, found my first lucky-chair (I didn’t understand really what it was…) and won my first freebie! A little fairy, I called her Orchidee.

Somebody told me of Starax, a well known artist of SL, who made such things like the magic wand, and gave me a landmark to a sim with some of his things. The visit there was really impressive. He made incredible things with the possibilities of SL!

By the way I took at the fashion-exhibition at this isle a beautiful freebie-gown…

I got from Carbon the hint to look for the "Ivory Tower Library of Prims" because there would be an exhibition for builder stuff. I am reading still!

And I learned just at the begin that there are avatar-profiles. And that it can be interesting to read this profiles. I forgot – another historical moment gone in the mist of history – in whose profile I read first about the German role-playing sims Carima. I found this world with the search function and I teleported. I reached an info-house full of notecards… Did I tell you, that I have the bad habit of reading notecards?! After a long long time of reading and the visit of the surrounding stalls with role-playing-stuff I took the tag “visitor”, placed it over my head and went for a walk. I am role-player since about 20 years, online-role-player half of this time, so I it was easy to find my way on Carima. It led to a lot of new tasks and projects…

I like handiwork and since the moments in front of the info boards about building I was searching for something I would like to build – and that some other would maybe like to buy. I looked around the elves of Carima. Dresses? More than enough! Weapons? Uh… I don’t like weapons so much and the scripts in them seem a lot too complicated (yes, I take part in Isabel’s scripting-course, but there I am a bloody newbie!). Houses? All built. Jewellery? Oh, there wasn’t so much. And then my next question: “How do you make nano-prims?”

At this moment no mentor was online. But there are more than enough answers at the internet! There is a page . The owner has a shop in SL with clothes, jewellery and hairs, also you can reach her tutorials via a wand-board in her shop. I found the tutorials of her blog very understandable and helpful, something for the building-starter! And so I built my first nano-prims and my first nano-prim-jewellery…

Ah, another important source are tutorial-movies. The movies from Torley Linden – one link is integrated in the learn-path of the German mentors – are well made, but also the witty tutorials from Wintercardia on YouTube about the freeware programme SculptyPaint were and still are a real help – and not only for building.

About clothes: I pulled my ears at my first shape to some elfish ones – more just for fun than planned. They fit still. But my clothes… my first freebie-elf-dress was very unpractical. Then I wore the clothes of the male elf from the Linden-freebie-inventory – a little bit better! But then I decided that it wasn’t that also and made my first prim-skirt – after some studies at the internet. Doesn’t look so bad, but it can be better still! :-D

Well, now I had made my first jewellery and worked on my first dress. But what could you ask for that? How can you sell such things? Somebody told me about XstreetSL. Ah, yes! Exciting! Oh, there are a lot of links to shops!

In fact: Lucky Chairs are a good possibility for a newbie to get some nice or witty things for nothing and to see something of the world – and although this is the world of shops it is a important part of SL. Carina told me early, that SL has groups of people, who hunted for Lucky Chairs together, but only the “landmark of the week” of the German mentors to the Lucky Tribe led me to such a group. The nice thing on Lucky tribe is the fun they have to play, may it Lucky Chairs or other things. I joined – first hesitating – the group and played in the begin the Fnoridan-Labyrinth. Ha, I found all keys and almost all gems! Maybe I will go back once to find the last one also… ;-) And if you begin to collect “kudos” (points for more freebies) then it is getting addictive! Two times a week I am for sure on a walk with the Lucky Tribe tag above my head!

Ah, told I, that I rented yesterday my first stall at Carima and that you can by my first jewellery at XstreetSL?

The ideas for the next pieces are growing now… (they are ready now and only waiting for a nice box ;-) )

And I and my little fairy Orchidee will need a house with the elves one day. Youngelf Mederia should get a home. And I want to build this house myself, sure!

Uhm, what I am doing in RL? Enough to know that I will never ever know all of SL and never will be able to use all its possibilities.

See you!


Mederia Seerose and Orchidee

Dienstag, 4. August 2009

Mein Gastbeitrag für den Blog der Deutschen Mentoren

Aber zunächst mein allererster Blog-Beitrag über meine ersten Wochen in Second Life, den ich als Gastbeitrag für den Blog der Deutschen Mentoren geschrieben habe.

Vom Newbie zur Jungelbin

This is an old post about my first weeks in Second Life, that I wrote for the blog of the German mentors as guest-writer. A translation for my English readers will follow!

Montag, 3. August 2009

Ein Blog für Mederia Seerose - A blog for Mederia Seerose

Seid gegrüßt, werter Besucher! Greetings, dear Visitor!

Darf ich mich vorstellen: - May I introduce me:

Mederia Seerose, seit ihrem Rezday am 01. Mai 2009 Bewohnerin von Second Life, lernende und werkelnde Besucherin der Sandbox "Pixelpark" der Deutschen Mentoren, Elbin des deutschen Mittelalter-Rollenspiels-Carima und dort "Elbische Geschmeideschmiedin", eifrig Freebies, Ideen und Kudos sammelndes Mitglied der Gruppe "Lucky Tribe" und immer auf der Suche nach interessanten, phantastischen und lehrreichen Inhalten des Zweiten Lebens.
Und jetzt mit eigenem Blog! :-)

Mederia Seerose, resident of Second Life since her rezday 05/01/09, learning and working as visitor of the German Mentors' sandbox "Pixelpark", elf of the German Medivial Roleplaying Game Carima and there an elvish jewelery-maker, passionate collector of freebies, ideas and kudos as member of the group "Lucky Tribe" and everytime on the search for interesting, fantastic and instructive content of Second Life.
And now with an own blog! :-)

Was soll der Inhalt dieses Blogs sein?

Plaudereien aus meiner Werkstatt werden der Schwerpunkt sein, ein anderer die Orte Second Lifes, die mir dabei helfen, meine Ideen zu finden und zu verwirklichen.
Sicher wird auch der ein oder andere Tip zum eigenen Basteln dabei sein, meist als vorgestellter Link, denn es gibt großartige Homepages und Blogs, die sich diesem Thema widmen!
Und das ein oder andere... Es wird sich zeigen! ;-)

What shall be the content of this blog?

I will talk about my own work first, sure, but also about the places in Second Life, that are helping me to find my ideas and to realize them.
There will be for sure some hints for your own work, most I will tell you about links - there are great homepages and blogs about this stuff!
And some other things... We will see! ;-)

Ich hoffe, dass der Blog euch Spaß macht! Auf geht's!

Eure Mederia Seerose

I hope you will enjoy my entries! Then let's start!

Your Mederia Seerose